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To the diploma to which multiculturalism did not depict the study of the languages and texts of other cultures but represented a species of political dedication to designated deprived cultural groups, it would entail, for Hook, an unjustified metamorphosis of the university from a group of no cost inquiry into a local community of political faith and advocacy. Educational issues had been intertwined with broader difficulties of American modern society.

The challenge of affirmative action for college or university admissions, for instance, connected to the social concern of the mother nature of American democratic pluralism. Hook supported a conception of American democracy as a culture that experienced been constructed on specific legal rights and equality before the legislation, in which bigger equality was to be recognized by virtue of the actuality that the United States was a society of a number of possibilities with differing patterns for upward mobility.

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In contrast, Hook perceived affirmative action, with its corollary of quotas assigned to designated teams as a conception of American democracy as a system of team legal rights, where by bigger equality was to be recognized by distributive steps. For Hook, rights ended up ascribed to the specific and not to persons as associates of greater part or minority groups. For that reason, discrimination on grounds of race was illegitimate, whether it was made as an expression of bulk prejudice in opposition to a minority or as a benign instrument of rectificatory justice.

Appropriately, for Hook, plans of affirmative action could be justified if they functioned to assist a deprived personal pupil overcome deficiencies in his academic background or to reduce any bars to prospect that had been erected by discriminatory legal guidelines or methods. Programs of affirmative action, even so, that resulted in quotas for minority group participation included discrimination from the rights of other people. Given that each individual personal was entitled to equality right before the regulation and equality of rights, no individual was entitled, on grounds of membership in an historically deprived group or racial or ethnic minority, to strengths that violate equality of legal rights and justify discrimination in opposition to other people on racial or ethnic ground. Though the social excellent of conquering financial inequality was legit, the usually means for its realization could not contain replacing unique rights with group legal rights or justifying discrimination from persons who were being regarded equivalent in advance of the law.

Hook took notice of the great progress towards equality that experienced taken spot in American society from the change of the century as a result of the nineteen eighties. Hook expressed assurance in the capacities of a democratic culture to prevail over inequalities in economic distribution and in social participation of ethnic minorities with no transforming the lawful structure of the American procedure that experienced prevailed by means of individuals decades. As a lifelong supporter of John Dewey, Hook considered that democratic modern society, if it embodied the vital system, would be capable of progressive enhancement. In light of this Deweyan optimism, it is important that Hook took as the issue of his Presidential Handle for the American Philosophical Association the problem of whether or not pragmatism experienced an correctly “tragic perception of lifestyle.

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